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About Claire

My entire life I've been surrounded by musicians and piano technicians. As a child I fell asleep to the sound of my Dad, David Sapp, tuning our family piano. My Mother would then sing and play the piano he had tuned.  

Dad took me to Churches, Concert Halls, The Marine Band, private homes, and the White House where I eventually tuned by his side. Dad worked efficiently, but taught me to never sacrifice quality for speed. He had very high expectations, and although he has retired, I feel he's by my side when I service pianos. I strive to make him proud.  


My Sister, Katrina Sapp, joined the business, and we often all tuned together. She services pianos closer to DC and I service closer to home between Manassas and Warrenton.


Besides David Sapp, I have apprenticed with many highly

regarded Piano Technicians in Northern Virginia, and in

the NYC area, including Bob Dowling, Niel Kusherman,

and Ashley Turner.  I have worked in over 8 piano store

workshops up and down the east coast.


I know the tricks of the trade, what to watch out for, and

how to lead you to an honest sales person with quality

used and new pianos when needed.


I have held contracts in Churches, Schools, and Concert Halls, but my favorite place to work is in the Homes of my customers.  I have put a lot of focus on learning how to regulate the inside mechanics of upright and grand pianos, so they function properly for an enjoyable playing experience.  This means when I make quick adjustments during a tuning, they are done with proper knowledge, and can often be included for no extra fee. 

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